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Disney drops new trailer for 'The Mandalorian'

October 2019

'Better Call Saul' Announces Season 5 Premiere Date

November 2019

'Watchmen' Crew Weighs In On Potential Season 2

December 2019

Writing Samples: Work

Hollywood Insider

‘The Boy From Medellin’: An Artist Returns Home To Inspire The People That Continue to Inspire Him

May 2021

Netflix Conjures Up 'Trese', A Gorgeous New Anime Series That Has Both Style And Substance

June 2021

Marvel’s ‘M.O.D.O.K.’ Is A Laugh Riot With A Surprising Amount of Heart

June 2021

10 Comedians in Dramatic Roles Who Made Us Cry Instead of Laugh

June 2021

Writing Samples: Work
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