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Who Am I?

I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, far from it, but it always felt like I was fed words with one from a young age. As long as I can remember, I've always had a passion for words and poetry that made me feel rich with ideas. Sometimes that kind of wealth seemed like it was worth more than the material wealth gifted to the truly fortunate, because my wealth was a apart of me. Something that couldn't be stolen or taken advantage of.

During my college years, after much back and forth with myself, I decided to pursue a career in Entertainment Journalism. Thanks to, and now the Hollywood Insider, I've found an even greater appreciation for the industry, and I'm determined to leave my mark on it with my words.

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Humble Beginnings


Began to entertain the idea of writing for a living. I started work on my novel, sharpened my writing skills, and searched for ways I could gather the necessary experience to jumpstart a career in Entertainment Journalism.

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After much research, I interned as a Television News Writer for I wrote several self edited articles about the TV industry, broadening my voice as a writer and adding to my brand.

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Hollywood Insider


Accepted an internship with the Hollywood Insider as a features writer. Thanks to their large platform and deep connections with the industry, I feel closer to the world of Hollywood than ever before as a true part of its industry.

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Education Background

Troy University


Pursuing an MBA in Business Administration.

Empire State College


Earned a Bachelor's of Arts in English Literature.

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